Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range – 3 Phase 360 V to 460 V
295 V to 480 V
170 V to 270 V
Single Phase Output Voltage Range 140 Vto 270 V
400/415 Volts (3 Phase)
Stablizer Capacity – 3 Phase Stablizer Capacity – 1 220/230/240 Volts (1 Phase)
Upto 200 KVA (Air Cooled)
Stablizer Capacity – 1 Phase Upto 2000 KVA (Oil Cooled)
Upto 40 KVA (Air Cooled
Regulation Upto 40KVA (Air Cooled)
Over : Load Capacity +/-1 % § full load
Voltage Correction Speed 120%fori Min
Insulation 60V-3Phase-L-L
Short circuit Class F
Operational Temperature 300 % in 200 M.see Upto 45 Degree



Special Features Quick Response Time High Quality Servo Motors Micro Processor Based Controller Input/Output Power Parameters in LCD Display Plug In Type PCB’s For easy maintenance. Fully Quality Tested Suitable Design for All Industries Indoor/Outdoor Models Good Quality of Components. More Reliability Aesthetics Appearance. Over Voltage/Low Voltage/Over Load/Phase Reversal/ Short circuit Cut OFF Input Breaker/Output Bypass Provisions (Optional)

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