Power Distribution Unit

A power distribution unit (PDU) is a device fitted with multiple outputs
designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and
networking equipment located within the data center.The term (PDU) may refer to two major classes of hardware power devices;
the first and typically the general unqualified term refers to the category of relatively higher-cost floor-mounted power distribution devices which
transformer one or more larger capacity raw power feeds into any number of lower capacity distributed power feeds. These floor-mounted PDU devices are
typically composed of transformers and circuit breakers and may optionally
include monitoring controllers using protocols such as Modbus or SNMP
Intelle group offer a wide range of Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) for a number of critical loads within Banks, Telecom’s, Television Studios, Dealing Rooms, Internet Data Centres, Computer Suites and other area’s where the reliability of the electrical supply is of the utmost importance PDU’s distribute clean electrical power, usually downstream of a UPS system, for a wide range of applications. They enable reliable operation in harmonic rich environments and are designed to minimise down time for maintenance.
bulb Special Features
K- Rated Ultra Isolation Transformer In built Compact and Aesthetics Design Individual Branch Monitoring BMS Connectivity
Multi Power Parameters Display All branch Trip Indication Option Regulation :3 %
Efficiency : 98 %
CRGO laminations
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