K Rated Transformers

k-rated-bigK factor is value used to determine how much harmonic current a transformer can withstand without exceeding its maximum temperature level. Huge numbers of single Phase loads like computers also create non-linear harmonics. A standard Transformers can not handle the harmonics due to non-linear loads. When harmonics enter in to the transformer the core gets saturate as result it produced lot of heat causes the failure of transformer. k-rated transformers are Specially designed to with stand this non-linear harmonics. K-rateing differs according to the harmonic levels like K-1, K-4, K-7, K-13, K-20, etc.,

We are designing our K-Rated Transformers according to its guide lines and Specification given by ANSI C57 standard NFPA-70, UL 1449 and UL 1567. We use high grade CRGO laminations for our K-Rated Transformers. Our K-Rated Transformers are Class-H which will with stand 180 continuously. We use notching
type lamination for our K-Rated transformers, because of that our Transformer
core will not saturate even in high Voltage.

We also manufacture Aluminum wound Transformers with the same quality to minimize the initial investments Our design will support to maintain the same performance of Copper Transformers in Aluminum Transformers also. We can manufacture Aluminum Wound Transformer Upto 500 KVA .

Technical Specifications

Double wound, High Isolation
Natural/forced air cooled
Primary connect as DELTA, secondary
connection as STAR.
Double sized neutral.
Insulation class “H”.
Regulation is better than 3.5%.
Efficiency of the transformer is minimum 98%
Overload rating of 100% for 10 sees.
As per IS 2026 standards
Attenuation: 80 db CMRR and 60 db CMNR.
Core of CRGO and conductor of copper
Power Distribution
Floor mounting Panel board with MS angles and Ms sheets with powder coated Paint and suitable provisions for cable.
Suitable capacity 4 pole incomer.
Distributed outgoing through sub branch breakers and branch breakers.
Extra sub breakers also provided.
Metering & Indications
Multi parameter reading meter to read Voltages, currents and power is incorporated.
LED indications provided to read the availability of incoming supply

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