Intelle Products

  • Power Distribution Unit

    Power Distribution Unit

    A power distribution unit (PDU) is a device fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment located within the data center.The term (PDU) may refer to two major classes of hardware power devices; the first and typically the general unqualified term refers to the category of […]

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  • Power Savers

    Power Savers

    Intelle is a intelligent light energy management and savings system which is compatible with lighting loads of all kinds. The system is fully microprocessor controller based operation. Lighting energy constitutes a substantial part of the overall energy consumption in commercial and industrial centres. Upto 25% energy can be saved, while reducing losses, wastage and over […]

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  • K  Rated Transformers

    K Rated Transformers

    K factor is value used to determine how much harmonic current a transformer can withstand without exceeding its maximum temperature level. Huge numbers of single Phase loads like computers also create non-linear harmonics. A standard Transformers can not handle the harmonics due to non-linear loads. When harmonics enter in to the transformer the core gets […]

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  • Surge Protection Device

    Surge Protection Device

    Surge Protection Device (SPD) is intended to Limit transient Over-Voltages and Divert Surge Current. It contails at Least one Non-Linear component Viz., Spark Gap, Gas Discharge tube (GDT), MetaL Oxide Varistor (MOV), Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) or Surge Diode orTranszorb.Difference between SPDs & Fuse, MCB, RFI Filter, Isolation Transformer, Stabilizers, UPS, Under/ Over Voltage relays All […]

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  • Servo Voltage Stabilizer

    Servo Voltage Stabilizer

    We manufacture a quantitative range of Servo Voltage Stabilizers which are made up of premium quality to ensure long service life

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  • Isolation Transformer

    Isolation Transformer

    An Isolation Transformer is a device which is use to decouple two circuit, the load to the Isolation Transformer and to the Input supply, Isolation Transformer suppress electrical noise which occurs in transmission line. An Isolation Transformer blocks transmission of DC signal from one circuit to other and allow ac signal to transmit. It also […]

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  • MV Panels

    MV Panels

     MV Panels, Single and Double BUS BAR Systems with ACB, MCCB and Switches with single front and Double Front Operation and Required Bus Duct and raising Mains. Our panels assured more safety and Earthing Systems as per IER Standards

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  • AC Drive Panels/PLC Panels

    AC Drive Panels/PLC Panels

    Panels for various Industries, and Automation Panels with PLC (Omron/ Siemens/Delta) for customer requirement and applications.

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  • Control Panels

    Control Panels

    We are manufacturing all type of Control Panels suitable for all Industries

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  • Power Panels

    Power Panels

     Sub Switch Board distribution Panels, UPS parallel Panels, Phase Sequence Changeover Panel, Motor Control Center Panels, LT & HT Metering Panel, Outdoor Panels, UPS Input and Output Distribution panel  

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